This is how new customers can contact you via your website

Either way, e-abo!
If interested people contact you by e-mail or telephone, you can invite them to e-abo at any time by e-mail.

The smart way is to allow customers to contact you directly via the e-abo app. On your website this could look like this:

Here’s how it works:

Place your company QR code on your website

Why? By scanning the QR code, the customer is taken to your e-abo welcome page. The customer downloads the app and registers. By scanning the QR code again, they go directly to your offer. When you receive a class request, the customer data is saved in your participant master data. You do not have to enter it separately.

Click on the QR Code

1. Download your QR code from the company profile: on | My e-abo | Company profile you can download your personal QR code.

2. Place the QR code on your website: for example in the section where you publish your classes and prices.

3. Link the QR Code to the URL (optional) from your company profile: this allows users to tap the QR Code directly on their smartphone.

3. Insert a description text: See figure (timetable)

Your e-abo welcome page appears – example: youYoga

Why? In this way, you don’t need to place ‚App Store‘ or ‚Google Play Store‘ links for downloading e-abo on your website.

We have included your company QR code, which leads directly to your offer in the app by scanning (on the PC) or tapping (on the smartphone).

Interested parties can send you a class request via the app, are directly entered and you can create a booking (multiple ticket etc.).

If new customers have contacted you via email or phone, you can enter them directly into the app and create the booking.

Even participants who do not use e-abo (do not have an e-mail address or smartphone) can be organized in the app.

If you have Premium Plus, customers can buy your offer directly in the app.