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Adaptation in e-abo Web

Analysis | Bookings

There is a new column | Created by |

This column displays who created the booking

  • For the Basic and Premium license the instructor who created the booking is listed
  • For the Premium Plus license, the name of the participant appears in this column if he/she has paid via e-abo Pay

This way you can see at a glance which instructor created the booking. This column also appears in Excel

Classes | Overview

Value in column | Valid | Yes/No

This column shows whether the class is still valid. This provides a good overview for classes with a fixed duration (defined start and end date)

  • Yes | the class is still valid, the end date has not been reached yet
  • No | the class is no longer valid, the end date has been reached/exceeded

e-abo Messages

Reminder of a date

Classes with cancellation period | Participant receives a reminder via e-abo message

  • Time of the class – ( cancellation period + 2 hours)
  • Class takes place at 6 pm, the cancellation deadline is 6 hours
  • e-ab0 message will be sent at about 10 am

Thus, the participant can still cancel in time on a date

Classes without cancellation period | Participant will receive a reminder via e-abo message approx. 24 hours before the start of the class

e-abo App



Font color adjustment

The original ‚gray‘ was hard to read for some Android devices, depending on the display. We have made the grayscale generally darker for Android devices and thus improved the readability significantly

Relocation of the registered office of e-Abo GmbH

Adjustment Terms & Conditions | Privacy Notice | Imprint

The new registered office of e-Abo GmbH is:

e-Abo GmbH

c/o AFL Treuhand- und Revisions AG
Gartenstrasse 2
6302 Zug


The terms and conditions / privacy policy / imprint will be adjusted in a timely manner. Due to the Christmas break, this could not be done in sync

For any questions please contact me directly

Telephone: +41 33 533 36 46

More information can also be found in the ‚Get Started‘

Best regards

Heike & your e-abo Team

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