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e-abo is finally available in French and Italian


Users who already use the app in the Italian/French speaking part of Switzerland must login once on the web ( with their account and set their profile to the desired language. After that, they will receive the e-abo messages and e-mails in the selected language.

No action is required for new participants, the language is set automatically during registration.

The descriptions such as ‚Get Started‘ and the videos are available in German and English.

Sprache wechseln

Click on your picture


Click on | Profile


Select the desired language and save the changes


Where problems occur, we make sure that they are fixed as soon as possible.

e-abo Fehlerteufel


  • With the introduction of iOS 14 there was a problem that the menu bar in the course requests was hidden as soon as a booking was created. With the new iOS update Apple has solved this problem.


The following issues have been resolved in the messages

  • Scrolling in messages with long texts is possible again
  • Clicking a | link – URL | has been enabled
  • The copy function of texts/areas has been implemented

The problem with push messages has been fixed.  Push messages were not activated when reinstalling the app and resetting the password. You had to turn them off and on again in the settings. This problem has been fixedn – Push messages now work properly.

e-abo Pay (online payment)


  • There have been occasional problems with multiple attempts to pay with TWINT, i.e. the payment was first cancelled and then successfully executed, the status ‚paid‘ was not transferred to e-abo. This problem has been solved.

Due to a system error, the commissions for payments via third-party providers (TWINT, Post Finance, etc.) have not been charged up to now. The conditions are as follows: 0.7% + 0.30 € / CHF. This error has been fixed.


Owners of Huawei devices must always reinstall e-abo from the Google Play Store, as the automatic update function can no longer be guaranteed.



Send a link to your videos or to Zoom Session via e-abo message to your participants

To all participants

  • Menu | Participants
  • Action Menu
  • Enter the text and send the message

To all participants who have subscribed for a specific date

  • Menu | Classes |Swipe to the desired class
  • Touch | Scheduler | Select the appointment
  • Swipe on the appointment | Message to all
  • Enter the text and send the message

Your participants can open or copy the link from the message.

For any questions please contact me directly.

Telephone: +41 33 533 36 46

More information can also be found in the ‚Get Started‘

Best regards

Heike & your e-abo Team

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