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The Date Waiting List

For classes with maximum number of participants!

Participants can place themselves on the waiting list for class dates. As soon as a place becomes free, the participant automatically moves up according to the waiting list ranking.

Participants will be informed about ‚moving up‘ via e-abo message.

The date waiting list is automatically managed in the background by e-abo up to two hours before the class starts.

Do you want to see who’s on the date waiting list?

      • Tap on Classes
      • Tap on the specific class
      • Tap on Action Menu
      • Tap on Waiting list


      • Two hours before the start of the class, the waiting list will no longer be managed automatically. 
      • Instructors can add participants from the waiting list to the date. As instructor you can overbook the date.
      • Participants can only be added to a date, if there is at least one free entry on the booking (9/10).


This is how participants are being added to the date waiting list

Only participants can put themselves on the waiting list for class dates! Instructors cannot put participants on the date waiting list.

This is how participants use the date waiting list

On fully booked dates, participants can put themselves on the waiting list for a specific date with one click. If a place becomes free, the participant moves up according to his place on the waiting list. The participant will be informed via e-abo message about the moving up and can cancel the date if necessary.

The participant has direct access to the waiting list in the dashboard and can actively manage it.



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