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e-abo Pay! Overview

e-abo Pay! The payment function of e-abo

You have tested the Premium version or you would like to start immediately with the payment function – in a short time this is realized.

The payment account is created in e-abo Pay (separate login).

Being a payment platform, certain formalities must be complied with. e-abo Pay! This requires that your identity is verified.

We support you!

With e-abo Pay! Customers can purchase your offers directly in the app. You no longer need to create separate bookings or check for payment. That’s what e-abo did for you!

The customer purchases an offer and 

    • – receives confirmation of payment
    • – receives an e-abo message about booking creation
    • – can enroll on class dates (or is already enrolled according to class)
    • – the status of the booking is paid

You receive

    • – the confirmation of receipt of payment
    • – an e-abo message that a customer booking has been created

Important: An entire class can be purchased if places are available.  

    • The customer might submit a request if a class is full or fully booked on various dates. 
    • In this case, it is up to you to to overbook the class.
    • If you create a booking for a participant, the participant can use the payment function in the app to pay.

Contact us via support@e-abo.com, and we will be happy to assist you.

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