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Step 4 | Enter Participants

Enter your participants

In the first step register your participants – in the second step initiate the data exchange – thereby the linkage of your participants to your school/studio takes place (this step must take place for reasons of the data privacy).

Note: Participants without an email address or participants who do not want to use e-abo can also be registered in e-abo and managed by you.

Step 1: How your participants make it into the system

Option 1 – We upload your participants to your e-abo account

Do you have a file (Excel oder CSV) with

  • first name/last name and the email address?

We upload the participants for you – so you save the manual entry. Interested? Send an email to: support@e-abo.com.

Option 2 – Manual entry

on the web| Participants | Create participants

We recommend to enter participants only with minimal data set. Participants can complete their data as soon as they have registered in e-abo. These are then immediately available in e-abo.

Create participants

    • First name
    • Last name
    • email address

Participants without email address

    • First name
    • Last name
    • address data and phone number (this is available in the e-abo app)

More information about participants

Option 3 – Invite participants via WhatsApp / QR code to e-abo

Note: You do not have an email address of your participants? Then use the possibility via QR/Code or WhatsApp. . «Click for more information»


Step 2: Initiate the data exchange

This step initiates the exchange of data from your participants to your school/studio.

We recommend to inform the participants in advance about e-abo (See step 3). Dies vermeidet Rückfragen und die Teilnehmer wissen, dass es sich um eine seriöse Email von e-abo handelt.

Initiate the data exchange

    1. Participants will be invited to e-abo. You can do that as follows
      • Check the box ‚ Inform participant via email‘.
      • or trigger it at a later via e-abo app (participant menu).
    2. Participants will receive an email from e-abo with registration information. After registration they are linked to your school / studio.
    3. Independently from the registration you can start to manage your school.

The booking creation is independently from the the data exchange. 



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