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Simulate yourself as a participant

With the email address of your provider account you can also register as a participant at your school.

      • To do this make a request to your school/studio
      • As soon as you submit a request you will be in your participant database and you can make the booking for yourself
      • And via the menu «My Classes» you have the same functions as your participants

Proceed as follows:

    1. Send a request
      • Open the e-abo app on your smartphone
      • Click on the «magnifying glass» at the top right
      • Enter your «school name» in the «search field» – select the «category»
      • Tap on the «yellow circle»
      • Choose a «class» and «send a request»
    2. Create a booking from the request – we do this via participant menu
      • Tippe auf «Teilnehmer»
      • You appear in the list of participants
      • Swipe on «your name» and «create a booking for you»

Once the booking is created you can click on «My Classes» and log in/out of dates.

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