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Why don’t I get push messages in e-abo?

Please check if the Push Notifications feature is enabled in your phone and e-abo settings. Important: You will only receive push notifications from the providers with whom you have booked classes.

Please check the e-abo settings:

iOS / Android

  • Sign in to e-abo
  • From the dashboard select Setting (cogwheel)
  • Check if messages is activated

Please check your settings in the phone configuration:


  • Settings > Messages>
  • Select e-abo
  • Allow messages is activated
  • If messages is activated –  de-activate and activate it again


  • Settings > Apps>
  • Select e-abo
  • Notifications – value = ‚allowed´
  • If messages is activated – de-activate and activate it again

Log out from e-abo App and log in again – go to the e-abo App settings and check if Push Notification is enabled.
If messages is activated – de-activate and activate it again

If there is still a problem, please send an e-mail to support@e-abo.com.


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