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Privat Class – Subscription | Individual appointments

A participant buys a subscription for private lessons (for example, 10 time -ticket private) and would like to schedule the appointments individually.

Create a booking for the participant defining the 1st appointment or you create a booking «without class assignment» and then perform the steps «Create follow-up appointments».


Erstelle Folgetermine 

(1) Select Participant

Select the participant who already has a booking. The existing booking is displayed below (5)

(2) (3) Weekday & Time

Select the weekday and time when the lesson will take place.

(4) Duration of the class

Set the definite date – Make sure that the weekday (2) coincides with the date (4).

(5) Expand

The existing booking is displayed and suggested for expansion.

(6) Expand booking

The lesson is created for this date. The participant is booked directly into the class (in the case of a compulsory class or preregistered in the date.)

The booking will be proposed for extension until all entries are used up or the end date of the booking is reached.




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