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Step 1 | Create tariffs

Enter your prices (tariffs)

on the web | Tariffs | Create tariff

You can use four different tariff types (price models).

    1. Multiple Ticket
    2. Dynamic Tariff
      • The dynamic tariff is helpful for classes with a fixed start and end date, such as quarterly classes. Enter the price per lesson. During the booking creation, the total price is automatically set. (Calculation: price per lesson x number of lessons).
      • You can only this tariff to classes with fixed start and end dates.
      • Get more infos about the Dynamic Tariff
    3. Subscription with automatic renewal
      • The subscription is continuously renewed automatically for the same period and under the same conditions, valid when you made the booking (contract with the participant).
      • Note:Subscriptions cannot be paused or extended!
      • Get more infos about the subscription
    4. Tariff for a specific period of time


      • The conditions of a tariff (except subscriptions) can be adjusted when creating a booking.
      • Different tariffs can be activated for one class.

By switching to e-abo, participants might already have a booking with remaining entries. In such cases you can create a specific tariff to transfer such bookings to e-abo.!

The participant has an existing booking with remaining entries (e.g., 5 out of 10).

This is how it works:

Create a new tariff based on a multiple card.When creating the booking, this tariff is taken and adjusted according to the participant’s situation. Example of entry:

  1. Title | Transition to e-abo 
  2. Description | Example: This tariff is valid only for existing bookings with remaining entries.
  3. Choose – Type of tariff: Multiple card 
  4. Choose – Publish tariff in App-search: DO NOT SELECT
  5. Choose – Tariff can be booked/purchased online without class assignment: SELECT 
  6. Price | 1€ /CHF* or 0€/CHF* 
  7. Maximum number of entries | Enter a default value** 
  8. Number of days from booking | Enter a default value** 

When creating a booking in the app:

* Amount ‘0’ An invoice/confirmation is created directly and sent to the participant via email.

* Amount ‘1’ no invoice/confirmation is created.

Choose the suitable option for you.

Tip:During onboarding your school, we recommend selecting the amount ‚1‘ and setting the booking to not paid. This way, you can create all bookings, and the participants can be informed afterward.

** The definitive values are adjusted when the booking is created (remaining entries and term).

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