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Create Participants & Initiate e-abo registration

There are several ways to register participants in e-abo. The ‚link‘ with your school must take place; this happens via the e-mail address and the registration.

  • You can also manage participants without e-mail address.
  • We advise you to enter only minimal participant data. The participant can complete his profile independently in the app according to (DSGVO).
  • Once the participant is registered, you can immediately create a booking (regardless of the participant registration).

Tipp 1: Inform your participants in advance via e-mail that you are using e-abo.  

Tipp 2: Please ask your participants to complete the user profile. By this, you receive the profile data of the participant, and the participant will receive the class invoice/confirmation with the correct data.

Upload participant data

Während dem on-boarding bieten wir unseren Kunden an die Teilnehmer in e-abo hochzuladen. Hierzu benötigen wir eine Excel-Datei mit Vorname | Name | Email-Adresse.

During on-boarding we offer you to upload your participants in e-abo. For this we need an Excel file with first name | last name | email address.

Request data exchange subsequently

The email address is the identity between the participant and your school. It is important that the participant registers with the same email address so that data matching can take place.

Data exchange can be requested at any time

    • For each participant individually |web | Modify participant | Invite participants by email |
    • For all participants |web | Participants overview | Button: Request data exchange for all |
    • For each participant individually |App | Modify participant | Invite participants by email |



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