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Participants | Enter data on the web

Enter participants on the web 

Open the participant’s section and enter participants with minimal information.

    1. First name / Last name / email
    2. Initiate e-abo invitation for registration: Check the box «Inform participant by email». The participant will receive an email and after successful registration in e-abo, the participant has agreed to the data exchange with your school.
    3. Optionally you can add information in the «Additional» field for example vaccinated, name of the dog, Membership. You see this information on most screens where the participant is shown (e.g., attendance list)..
    4. Invite all participants to e-abo: You can trigger the invitation to e-abo for all participants with one click if all participants are entered. «Request data exchange for all (if not already agreed)».
    5. Participants receive the invitation and download e-abo, register, and thus agree to the data exchange.
    6. From this point on, the participant is linked to your school.

Note: If you have participants without an email address or who do not want to use the app, enter them without an email address. As an instructor, you can also fully organize these participants in e-abo (create bookings, add and remove them from appointments).

Example screen of the attendance list with «additional info»

add field

Information from from the «additional field» is shown





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