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Dynamic Tariff

The dynamic tariff is helpful for classes with a fixed start and end date, such as quarterly classes.

    1. Enter the price per lesson
    2. During the booking creation, the total price is automatically set. (Calculation: price per lesson x number of lessons).

If a participant joins an ongoing class, the total price is calculated based on the remaining lessons.

IMPORTANT: You can only assign this tariff to classes with fixed start and end dates.

Tipp 1:  For example, enter your payment information in the description field:

    • Please pay via bank transfer to:
    • Account holder: Heike Klaus
    • IBAN-no: DE 123456677 6666

Note: This is an optional entry. If you license e-abo Premium Plus this information is not required.

Tipp 2: Embed the intro video for the participant Link: https://vimeo.com/698934086

The participant will receive this information in her booking confirmation via e-abo message!


This is the intro video for participants


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