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Instructor | Invitation

In addition to your provider account you can invite another instructor. If you need additional instructors, they can be purchased individually (web|license). Instructors can be invited with different roles. The roles can be changed later.

web | Instructor | Invite Instructors

    1. Enter the email address.
    2. Instructor receives the invitation email and follows the steps in the email.
    3. You will receive the information that the instructor is now active.
    4. Assign the classes to the instructor.

Free text for invoice/confirmation (Info for insurance comp.)

    1. Information can be stored for each instructor, which is displayed on the invoice/receipt (for bookings with class assignment). Like e.g. health insurance recognition.
    2. For booking(s) without class assignment the text will not be transferred – if you still want the text to appear proceed as follows.
        • Enter the text in the company profile | text field on invoice | this will then be printed on each invoice.

Instructor | Deputy

Im web kann im Kurs-Set-up die stellvertretende Person zugewiesen werden.

Assign a deputy on the web via the class set-up.

Assign a deputy in the app in a few steps:

  1. Classes | Swipe Classes |Touch Scheduler |
  2. Swipe appointment | Touch  Deputy |
  3. Select the deputy

As soon as the deputy is assigned, the deputy receives an e-abo message about the assignment. The class will appear immediately in the class overview of the deputy.

The deputy can be removed in the same way.

Video on how to assign the deputy in the app.

// English video is under construction // Please have a look at the german video //

Instructor | Role Concept

e-abo uses a 3-level role concept.

    1. Instructors with the role of «Admin» can generally perform the same activities as the provider.
        • The instructor can perform the entire class organization on the web and the app. However, an instructor with admin rights cannot adjust to the company profile, license purchase, or instructors..
    2. Instructors with the role of «Normal» can fully organize participants and create bookings..
        • The instructor can organize their assigned courses in the app, record bookings, edit course requests, and add participants.
    3. Instructors with the role «Attendances only» can manage the attendances in the assigned class.
        • The instructor can edit attendance lists for the courses assigned to them, add participants with valid bookings to appointments and select a substitute via the Scheduler.
        • Instructors with this role cannot add participants or create bookings.
        • This role is perfect when a deputy only needs to check the attendance list..






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