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The Scheduler

The Scheduler provides an optimal overview of the utilisation of your class dates and much more.

With one click you can access the attendance list of a future date and make adjustments.

Set up a deputy, inform participants of an appointment or cancel a date ad hoc in just a few steps.

Note: You can release dates canceled in the app again on the e-abo web.

This is how you access the Scheduler:  Tap Classes | Swipe Classes | Tap Scheduler |

The Scheduler and its features:

    1. Tap on a date | This opens the attendance list for this date.
    2. Swipe |Tap on| Cancel date | Cancel a date with one click and inform all registered participants.
    3. Swipe|Tap on | Message to all | Send an e-abo message to all participants
    4. Swipe|Tap on | Deputy | Select a deputy for this date. Once the deputy is chosen, the class will be listed in the deputies view of ‚Classes‘. For participants, the deputy is visible in the date. The deputy can be revoked at any time. Note: The deputy is registered and activated on the web as instructor

In general

    • Classes with fixed dates (start and end dates are defined) | All dates until the end of the class are listed
    • Ongoing classes | Dates up to 1 year into the future are displayed
    • Number of places occupied | The number of places occupied per date is displayed
    • Classes with compulsory cancellation & maximum participants | Occupied places versus available places are displayed per date

Release date // on the web //

Open e-abo on the web – click on „Classes“ click on the class title

This is how you release the date:

unblock date

Click here and confirm the the release


Video Scheduler EN // Coming soon //:

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