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Everything thought of? Check it.

Company Profile

    1. Logo uploaded
    2. Your company URL entered
    3. Bank information captured
    4. If relevant, VAT information entered


    1. Your tariffs captured?
    2. If relevant, tariff for already existing booking created?


    1. Classes entered and tariffs assigned
    2. If relevant, Classes with cancellation requirement / max. participants entered
    3. If relevant, absences/vacations entered

Information to your participants

    1. Participants are informed via email/WhatsApp
    2. Data exchange initiated


    1. Participants are entered to e-abo
    2. Upload of participants was successful


    1. Existing bookings of participants transferred
    2. New bookings created

Do you have any questions? Send an email to us support@e-abo.com – we are happy to support you!

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