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Subsription with automatic renewal

Do you have subscription contracts with your participants? Then you can use this tariff.

The subscription is continuously renewed automatically for the same period and under the same conditions, valid when you made the booking (contract with the participant).


A subscription is not automatically renewed when the entries are used up.

Subscriptions cannot be paused.

Only the ‚Start date‘ and the ‚Number of participations‘ can be adjusted when creating a booking.

If you adjust the tariff afterward, these adjustments do not influence existing bookings.

The participant can terminate the subscription in the app according to the applicable conditions. The provider/course instructor will receive an e-abo message if the participant cancels the subscription. 

This video shows how the participant can terminate their contract


The provider/course instructor can also terminate the subscription in the app according to the applicable conditions. Upon cancellation by the provider/course instructor, the participant will receive an e-abo message.

Tipp 1:  For example, enter your payment information in the description field:

    • Please pay via bank transfer to:
    • Account holder: Heike Klaus
    • IBAN-no: DE 123456677 6666

Note: This is an optional entry. If you license e-abo Premium Plus this information is not required.

Tipp 2: Embed the intro video for the participant Link: https://vimeo.com/710791105


The participant will receive this information in her booking confirmation via e-abo message!


This is the intro video for participants



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