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The Entry Screen

Private classes (-bookings) can be created via the menu Classes and the menu Participants:  

    • Classes: Tap Classes | Choose template 
    • Participants: Tap Participants | Swipe Booking

The booking screen is divided into three areas – Here we give you a general overview of the booking screen

  1. Participant 
    • Access via Participant: The participant is pre-selected
    • Access via Classes (Template): Choose one ore more participant(s). When selecting multiple participants, a single booking with the same conditions is created for each of them.
    • Access via Request: You have received a request.
  2. Class details
    • (1)Select the day of the week on which the class will take place
    • (2) Select the time
    • (3) Optionally, the duration of a class can be entered independently of the validity of the booking. More about this on the following pages.
    • (4) Select the location, if different from the default location
  3. Details of the tariff
    • (5) The tariff conditions are displayed and can be adjusted individually according to the tariff type.


Class overview / Attendance list

    • The private class is placed chronologically in the list 
    • The private class includes the name(s) of the participant(s)
    • You can search for the class in the class overview
    • Participant appears in the attendance list
    • Optional: Via Class Manager additional participants can be added with a «new booking»

Info to participant(s)

    • Participant receives e-abo message about the booking
    • Participant can sign in/out on dates
    • Participant has all booking information

End private class

Once the class is finished, it must be terminated via the Class Manager

    • Class Manager | Action Menu| End private class. 
    • The class is removed from the class list.
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