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The Class Waiting List

The Waiting List for classes is managed manually. Participants can be added to the Waiting List via Class Manager or Class Request.

For busy classes, you can add participants or interested parties who would like to attend the course to the class waiting list.

The participant on the class waiting list can be booked into this class or a new class (the new class has to be created upfront via the e-abo web).

 Participants can be placed on the class waiting list via Class Manager or class request.

This is how you open the Class Waiting List:

Tap Classes | Swipe Class | Tap Class Manager | Tap Action Menu | Tap Waiting List |

Die Kurs-Warteliste ist in zwei Bereiche aufgeteilt:

      1. Wartende Teilnehmer: Hier sind die Teilnehmer gelistet, welche sich schon auf der Warteliste befinden.
      2. Neue Kursanfragen: Neue noch nicht bearbeitete Anfragen von Teilnehmern mit dem Vermerk ‘auf Warteliste setzen’

 The Class Waiting List is divided into two sections:

      1. Tap +| Add participant to Class Waiting List
      2. Swipe participant |Tap Booking | Create a booking for a participant – in this class or new/other class
      3. Swipe participant |Tap Contact | Contact participant
      4. Swipe participant |Delete | The class can be overbooked by the instructor.

Note: The class can always be over booked by the instructor.

Video in English: //is coming soon //


The participant sends a request for a fully booked class.

If a class is fully booked and you receive requests for this class, you can directly add the participant to the Class Waiting List.

If a place in the class becomes available, you can book the participant from the Class Waiting list into the class with just a few clicks.

Video in English: //is coming soon //




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