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The e-abo Manager – Your solution on the iPad

The e-abo Manager – Your entire class organization on the iPad!

You can use your e-abo account for the login

    1. on the web
    2. on your Smartphone
    3. on your iPad

Do you teach at different schools/studios?

      • Easy switching between different providers is possible with one click.

The «e-abo Manager»  for the iPad is the optimal way for owners of studios/schools and their instructors to organize classes quickly and clearly. The «e-abo Manager»  includes all the functions for course organization as the „Smartphone App“.

The «e-abo App»  is with you everywhere on «your smartphone» – in your handbag, backpack or pocket. For a more comfortable overview in the studio/school or from the sofa, the „e-abo Manager“ is simply fantastic.

This video gives an overview of how the „e-abo Manager“ works. You can find the supplementary video tutorials (based on the smartphone) for organizing attendance lists and creating bookings in this «Knowledge Base».


Video in english


Video in french


Video in italian

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