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Invoice – Receipt

The participants receive an e-abo message by booking creation. It contains details on the tariff, payment details and the link to the e-abo intro video if entered.

It is no longer necessary to create an invoice manually.

The participant will receive this information in his booking confirmation via an e-abo message! 


After receiving the payment, you can set the booking to paid in the app (Booking details) or on the web (Evaluation | Bookings). This will trigger an email to the participant with the invoice/receipt (PDF).

For participants who do not use the app, you can print out the invoice/receipt and take it to the next lesson.


(1) + (8)

Company logo | Company name | Company address

(2) Date when the invoice was paid and the invoice number. 

      •     Example: R-49-19-00689
      •       R-49 | internal e-abo provider ID
      •       19 | current billing year
      •       00689| Invoice counter – is reset to ‚0‘ annually

(3) Optional | VAT No. | Tax No.

(4) Participant address

(5) Optional |Free text from the company profile

(6) Booking details –  Only the tariff conditions are shown if «booking without class assignment»

(7) Optional |Information which is entered in the instructor profile  e.g. health insurance…



Video – Set a booking to paid!


The invoice/receipt is available as PDF  on the web: web | Analysis | Bookings | Invoice |

Please inform us (support@e-abo.com), if you do not wish to generate an invoice, we can set your account to create a course confirmation instead of an invoice.

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