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The Class Manager

With the Class Manager, you organize classes at the class level.

If you have regular classes with the same participants, create the booking for the participants in the Course Manager.

For classes with max. number of participants, the participants are booked compulsory on the class dates and are already confirmed in the attendance list.

Classes without max. number of participants, the participants are suggested for confirmation in the attendance list per date.

If you offer quarterly classes, you can create a follow-up booking for all participants in just a few steps.

    • Open the Class Manager: Tap Classes | Swipe on the desired class | Touch Class Manager 
    • Listed participants: At a glance you, can see the current situation of the participants
    • Tap on participant: The current booking is displayed – subsequent adjustments can be made
    • Swipe on participant | Send message: Send an individual message to the participant
    • Swipe on participant | End participation: The class participation is ended, the booking remains and the participant can be added to another class (via New booking | Extend booking)
    • Tap on action menu | Waiting list: The class waiting list opens. You can add or remove participants. You can directly create a booking for the participant(s) from here.
    • Tap on action menu | Renew booking – Group: Here you can create a new booking for several people (group). The participants are already preselected. This function is very efficient for managing quarterly classes.
    • Tap on action menu | New booking: Create a new booking for one or more participants.
    • Tap on action menu | Message to all: Send a message to all listed participants in the class.


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