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Participant | Enter data in the app

Participant entry in the app

In addition, to enter participants on the web, you can easily add new participants in the app. This is how it works.

  1. Open the participant menu in the app
  2. Tap on the + sign
  3. Enter the participant completely with email address or
  4. Enter the participant without email address (this participant will then not receive an invitation to e-abo).

You can optionally enter information in the „Additional“ field (for example, vaccinated, dog name, member). This information is shown on most screens where the participant is listed (e.g., attendance list).

The participant will receive an email with a request to register in e-abo. Independently, from the registration, you can directly enter a booking.

As soon as the participant has registered with the email address, the data exchange takes place and from this moment, the participant can sign in and sign out for lessons.

Suppose you have a participant who does not have an email address or does not want to use the app, enter this participant without an email address. As an instructor, you can create bookings for the participant and add and remove them from course appointments.

Example screen of the attendance list with additional info


add field

Additional information is shown



Request data exchange

If the participant has not yet agreed to the data exchange, you can request this again in the app. If data exchange is requested, the participant will receive an email.


Datenaustausch iOS

The participant has agreed on the data exchange.


The data exchange agreement is outstanding


Tap here to request data exchange



e-abo Android

The data exchange is outstanding


Tap here to request the data exchange




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