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Notifictions | e-abo messages

e-abo messages we recommend activating the push notifications function. This way, participants will receive a push message in advance about the arrival of a message. e-abo messages appear in the inbox within the e-abo app.

Messages sent to the participant

These messages are automatically sent to participants by e-abo in the following cases.

    1. Creation of a booking by instructor
    2. Confirmation of an attendance
    3. Cancellation of an attendance
    4. Date cancellation by instructor
    5. Subscription cancellation
    6. Expiration of a booking within 7 days or when there are only 2 entries left
    7. Individual message from instructor
    8. Moving up from the waiting list

 A reminder message is sent when the participant is signed in to a class.

    1. Classes with «Non attendance rules / max. participants) |Participant receives a reminder via e-abo message
          • Start time of the class – (Sign out deadline + 2 hours)
          • Class starts at 6 PM, the sign out deadline is 6 hours
          • e-abo message ist send at 10 AM  versandt
    2. Classes without «Non attendance rules / max. participants)
          • Participant will receive a reminder via e-abo message approx. 24 hours before the start of the course.

Messages sent to the instructor/provider

These messages are automatically sent to instructor/provider by e-abo in the following cases.

    1. Arrival of a class request
    2. Subscription cancellation by participant
    3. Individual message from participant
    4. When an instructor is allocated as deputy for specific date(s)
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