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Step 5 | Create Bookings

In general

The participant has access to the booking in the app. If entered, also the banking details are available. There is no need to create a separte invoice.

If the participant pays in cash or by bank transfer, you confirm receipt of payment in the app. The invoice/receipt will be created automatically and sent to the participant via e-mail as a PDF.

Participants can sign in/out for class dates once a booking has been created or be placed on the waitlist for a date.

Create a booking

Use Cases:

    1. Participant always attends the same class and is permanently enrolled there.
    2. Create a booking without placing the participant directly in a class. The participant can sign in and out by themselves.
      • Create the booking via «Participant» «Booking without class assignment» More information
Note: Transfer existing cards/bookings to e-abo. When creating the booking, remember to adjust the number of participations and the validity.
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